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  • Sartorius_mAbeBook_CoverImage

    Importance of mAb Discovery and Development in Immunotherapy

    In this eBook sponsored by Sartorius, we discuss how their groundbreaking technologies, products and services provide researchers the ability to generate deeper, more relevant data on phenotype, activation, and function, using less of your precious samples.
    Sample Preparation for Quality Control Sartorius eBook Cover

    Sample Preparation for Quality Control: Solutions for Optimized Workflows and Accurate Results

    This sponsored eBook, published in collaboration with GEN, presents application and technical notes that illustrate the benefits of Sartorius solutions for lab weighing, lab filtration, liquid handling, and water purification in the sample prep workflow.
    Breakthroughs In Immunotherapy eBook cover

    Breakthroughs in Immunotherapy

    This eBook sponsored by Agilent provides the latest recommendations from various leaders in immunotherapy research and their insights into exciting new developments. Their inspiration has guided and helped us compile these articles that showcase new analysis tools for scientists developing innovative cell-based solutions.
    Agilent eBook cover Image

    Automated Nucleic Acid Sample Quality Control in NGS Workflows

    In this eBook sponsored by Agilent, GEN presents selected data from application and technical notes describing the benefits of using ScreenTape technology in NGS workflows.
    Best Practices with an Agilent Parallel CE System

    Best Practices with an Agilent Parallel CE System

    In this eBook we provide the best practices utilized by Agilent for reliable QC analysis and an in depth discussion about the importance of sample quality control during library preparation.
    Polyfunctional Strength Offers a New Approach to Defining Quality in Cell Therapy

    Polyfunctional Strength Offers a New Approach to Defining Quality in Cell Therapy

    IsoPlexis’ next generation systems provide actionable potency, safety, and patient-difference metrics by detecting highly potent single-cell functional subsets for the first time.
    Agilent eBook Cover

    End Uncertainty: Break Through the Roadblocks to Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Characterization

    Sponsor: Agilent. From sample prep, to analytical instruments, to columns, software, and service, Agilent provides you with the tools and support you need to increase efficiency and reduce risk in your workflow for key biopharma applications such as Aggregate Analysis, Charge Variant Analysis and Peptide Mapping.
    Feb 15 Intellicyt eBook Cover

    Multiplexing Phenotype and Function for More Biologically Relevant Insights

    Sponsor: intellicyt. The drug development industry faces intense pressure to bring biologics and drugs to market more rapidly as well as to mitigate the risk of late-stage failure. Collapsing workflows can save days. This new eBook features a collection of must-read articles that review technological advantages of a high-throughput flow cytometry platform built for screening.

    Gain Critical Insights from Advanced Cell Models with Real-Time Analysis

    Sponsor: IncuCyte. Non-invasive, continuous live-cell imaging has the potential to provide deeper insight into the kinetics of cell health, morphology and function. This new eBook features a collection of must-read articles on real-time live-cell analysis.
    Cisbio Feb 4 eBook

    Trends in Protein-Protein Interactions Research

    Sponsor: Cisbio. In the spirit of offering the scientific community cutting-edge research reports, Cisbio in collaboration with GEN, is sponsoring this eBook, with an emphasis on the most recent and most exciting interactome work.

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